Warm Up Before Swimming

When you get in the pool don't just start doing lengths, warm up by going some slow lengths. Doing a stroke then gliding for a moment is a good way of doing this as it allows your body to warm up before you begin exercising properly.

Practice Breathing

Before swimming sit at the side of the pool and practice your breathing. Having smooth regulated breathing will help you to achieve your potential as a swimmer. Breathing correctly is the key to becoming a good swimmer.

Check Pool Times

Go down to your local pool a few times before swimming and try and swim when it’s quieter. If you try and swim when the pool is full you will be weaving about all over the place to avoid other swimmers. Swimming when its empty is much better and helps you become a better swimmer as you can concentrate on what you are supposed to be doing.

Kit Care

After each swim you should wash your kit through thoroughly with water to get off any chlorine. Your kit is a key element for swimming. Plus caring for it will save you money.

Choosing The Right Kit

When purchasing equipment remember that you should keep a balance between looks and functionality. If it looks great but isn't practical it’s not going to help you. (However if it looks horrid you won’t wear it!)Cheaper swimwear isn't made from the same materials as our M Active range for example. Cheap swimwear will fade after prolonged use. Whereas better swimsuits if cared for can last up to 100 times longer.

Get A Bag For Your Gear

Having a bag or box to keep your gear in after swimming is a much better solution than chucking it in a carrier bag. It’s not a must but it's a good idea.

Wear A Swimming Cap

Regular swimming can damage your hair and scalp and on occasions can make it flake. Wearing your attached hood will help to avoid this problem.

Anti Fog Goggles

An essential bit of kit when swimming is your goggles, these can mist up so we recommend investing in some Anti Fog, this will increase your enjoyment of swimming.

Goggles Lenses

If you are swimming regularly you might want to consider buying perhaps more than one set of goggles for varying light conditions, shaded ones for bright conditions and clear lens goggles for darker indoor conditions.